Bunnings Fundraising Sausage Sizzle

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Bunnings Warehouse, 11 Dalton Rd, Thomastown

Bunnings Fundraising Sausage Sizzle

Fundraising as a combined effort for both LTU Kyudo and Bikers Against Child Abuse

Come show your support by enjoying a sausage and help us give back to the community! As an abuse survivor myself and knowing the terror of having to face the abuser in a courtroom, I can fully appreciate the work these remarkable men and women do, not just in Australia, but on a global scale! Please help us to support these amazing bikers, and help us to continue to grow as a Kyudo community.



Kyudo is a traditional Japanese martial art utilising the longbow, and has become more of a ceremonial display of patience, beauty and one's reflection of their own personal truth. it was once used as a part of war, and like most budo arts today, has been allowed to continue on the basis of preserving Samurai culture, when there was no longer any need for the Samurai class.