CASA Hoodie 2019

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LaTrobe University

CASA Hoodie 2019

CASA have announced their hoodie design for 2019!

This year we have a navy hoodie with white embroidery. On the left chest, the writing "M. Aud" with be embroided within an ear shape to denote the qualification we receive as graduated audiologists. Master of Audiology is abbreviated to M.Aud at the end of your name! You fancy!

Imagine yourself, Amazing Audiologist (BAppSc, M. Aud).

For the first time we will have embroidery in THREE locations; left chest - M. Aud, and on the right and left sleeves above the cuff - an O in red and X in blue respectively. In an audiogram - which you'll be doing on the daily - an O represents the right ear, and an X represents the left. We all forget. It's okay - have you hoodie to remind you! See below for a mock up!

This year we have further improved the quality to a 370 GSM hoodie (Previous year was 350 GSM) which will be here in time to keep you cosy for winter. Or any season really here in Melbourne. We also have for the first time a Unisex/Male fit and a Women's fit (Photo ref: F808HP = Men's/Unisex Fit; FP88UN = Female Fit) so you can choose what level of comfort you would like!

Prices are:
CASA Member: $69.95
Non Member: $79.95

Fill out the form to purchase a hoodie here:
Details for sizing and measurements are listed in the form.

Become a member for $5 to receive the hoodie discount and further perks on future events like the seminar series, ball and more! Follow the link here to join:

SALES CLOSE 16/5/19 at 11:59pm

Don't hesitate to contact us on FB or at with any questions!

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