Yule Ball Ticket Sales -ROUND 2!!!

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Library Room 1.19

Yule Ball Ticket Sales -ROUND 2!!!

The response to our first ticket sales event was amazing! Due to popular demand, we consulted with the venue and have managed to secure EXTRA TICKETS for our magical YULE BALL on the 30th May at Melbourne Pavillion. If you missed out on round one, or had nargles in your brain causing you to foolishly think of not attending, we have your back with a second round of ticket sales!

There will only be a limited number available so make sure you get in quick and don't miss out your chance at this wondrous evening!

Some important information:
- Ticket pricing is $100 for members of Melbourne University Potter Heads, Monash Muggles and LaTrobe Student Union, or $110 for non members. We will be checking all memberships against our lists so please be honest or risk losing your ticket.
- Ticket sales are CASH ONLY
- You must bring a completed table form (see document posted in this event) to purchase your tickets.
- You do NOT need to have all ten spaces filled out to submit the table form when purchasing tickets. Please just fill out the names of everyone you are purchasing tickets for and would like to be on your table. We will do our best to keep your table together but please understand this will not always be possible.
- You do not have to purchase tickets from the University with which you are affiliated - e.g. a member of MUPH may purchase their tickets through Monash Muggles or Dumbledore's Army: LaTrobe Division if you would like to fill out a table form with a friend from a different university. In fact, you do not need to be a member of any of these three universities to enjoy this magical night - all lovers of the wizarding world are welcome to attend!
- There will be no refunds offered.

Terms and conditions (as stated in Yule Ball event)
- Due to venue licensing restrictions, this event is strictly 18+. You must bring a valid form of ID on the night or you will be refused entry (e.g. drivers licence, passport, STUDENT CARD IS NOT ACCEPTED)
- The members discount applies to 2019 members of Monash Muggles, MUPH or LaTrobe Student Union only. You must become a member at least two weeks prior to ticket sales (i.e. by Wednesday 27th March)
- We want everyone to have as much fun as possible at this event, so please behave appropriately and respectfully at all times. Yule Ball management and venue staff reserve the right to refuse entry and ask attendees to leave the event if necessary.

See https://www.facebook.com/events/764466367279774/ for full event details